Tips about making cocktails

You want to make some cocktails, but not sure where / how to start? Well, take at these tips:

Some basics:

  • If you can, put your glass into a freezer. That way the glass will be colder and the cocktail will stay colder for a longer period of time
  • If you don’t have a freezer – simply fill in the glass with ice
  • DO NOT shake carbonated drinks (such as Sprite, Coca Cola etc.), because they will spill around you
  • If you’re using shaker, you will know that drink is ready, when you can’t hold shaker in your hand, as it became too cold
  • As James Bond prefers: “Shaken, not stirred”. The idea here is, that shaking a drink with ice makes it very cold

If you’re not sure what to do, you can start with:

  • Women usually prefer sweater drinks and not very strong ones
  • Women prefer nicer and more elegant glasses. The drink must look as nice, as possible, garnishing the drink with lemon would be a good idea
  • Men usually prefer bitter and stronger drinks
  • Start by making Cuba Libre or Gin Tonic – simple and good drinks to make

Some misc tips:

  • Prepare drink according to the original recipe, then you can customize based on your own taste (such as: adding more or less alcohol, adding other ingredients etc.)
  • Main thing to keep in mind is the ratio between different ingredients. If you want to make 5x more drink, simply multiply all ingredients by 5
  • If your drink is too strong, add more ice and wait a bit. Water from melting ice will dilute a drink and it might taste a bit better
  • If drink contains more water from ice, it does not mean it’s not that strong. Keep in mind: there is THE SAME amount of alcohol in the drink, however it’s a bit diluted with water therefore looks less strong
  • Bubbles in drinks (Coca Cola, sparkling wine etc.) allows for alcohol to get into blood faster and you can get drunk faster. Therefore, be careful

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