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Short introduction into Slovakian food

I was in Bratislava on 21st May and tried some Slovakian meals. I stayed alive so I can tell what you can eat in Slovakia :) I tried three things:
  • Čepovana kofola. It's like Coca-Cola only different version. It's black drink with boubles and, as for me, it tastes better than Coca-Cola. Atleast - during hot day :]
  • Kapustnica s klobasou. Soup of cabbages. It includes water, cabbages and potatoes. As for me it looked spicy, but it's only my opinion.
  • Bryndzove halašky so slaninou.  It's boiled rolls of flour (as I understood). Served with sauce of cheese, sour cream and greaves. And it's served in a big plate - big portion of this meal. Taste is nice, it looked similar to Lithuanian food :)
All in all - you have to try it :) Best regards & a lot of thanks go to Katarina :) Thanks for help, see ya ;]


Why didn't you go to McDonald's? ^^ I certainly would. I can't even pronounce the names of those 3 things. But of course trying out something new can always be a good idea as well.

Well, I can pronounce, because I know Russian and it's quite similar :]
C'mon - you don't need to go to Slovakia to visit McDonald's ;D You can in McDonalds in Austria ;D
But there is a good point with McDonald's: the same taste of the food everywhere ;] You always know what you'll get ;]

Kofola is a good drink. I totally recommend to use it with other stuff..

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