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How to recognise a tourist in Austria

  • Has a big backpack (possibly with weird stickers).
  • Looks at everything around.
  • Turns/spins around very fast (keep in mind that - be careful).
  • Uses camera everywhere.
  • Tries to take lots of photos.
  • Speaks in foreign language.
  • Wears a hat with the text "Austria" on it.
So, like me :D

Permit of residence in Austria + Fast food (aka junk food) sometimes is good

Today I went to Freistadt in order to get a permit of residence. Because I am foreigner and I want to stay in Austria longer than for 3 months I must get permit of residence (in the German language: Anmeldebescheinigung). But that's the same in every country I guess. If you're foreigner and you want to stay in country for longer period of time - you must get such document. Everything was quite simple there.

Mobiliojo ryšio tiekėjai Austrijoje - kuris pigiausias? (2)

Tęsiame temą apie mobilaus ryšio tiekėjus Austrijoje. http://www.eety.at/tarif_world.php Tiekėjas sunkiai ištarimu pavadinimu (pabandykite ištarti), besinaudojantis Orange tinklu. Už 14,90 EUR įsigijus "eety classic" kortelę galime bandyti skambinti :) Su "Eety classic" planu Eety tinkle - 0,09 EUR/min, į kitus Austrijos tinklus - 0,19 EUR/min.
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